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Quality in evolution

The company Bossini: a history of tradition and progress
Is from the earth that originated the activity who four generations continues the family Bossini of Carpenedolo holders omonymous company, represented today by Simone Bossini and his brother Stefano. And it is from the wood and his work that he devoted himself since 1925 Domenico Bossini the founder of this company that built and repaired a bit of everything in his small shop in the town center.
But it was with the war and with the Germans in the town that the business began to take a more precise connotation.
Is in fact in the workshop that the Germans stopped to adjust the trailers and repairing them, Domenico discovered and learned new technologies with which they were built.
Learn the techniques, it was quite easy for him on transfer trailers usually repaired. The trailers then were the most common means of transport but farmers, however, were in trouble when they had to carry slurry and hence had an idea“.. if you take a barrel, the biggest and I fixed on a trailer and if maybe add a pump for easy loading and unloading .. “so was born in his shop the first example of slurry spreader with its own function and very specific.
The workshop turned into company and to help Domenico began his sons Antonio, born in 1917, and Pietro, who was born in ‘25; the idea worked and in the countryside could be seen more and more slurry spreader who trasported slurry and trailers used to transport more generic materials.
At the end of the war Antonio was taken prisoner and Pietro instead, thanks to his ability, he was sent to the “Brescia Papa Station” as “repairer”. All war material for the transport came under his eyes and under his hands, and he done more and more experience.
After the war Pietro recovered and reused the healthy components of the trailers of war thus make other improvements to agricultural machinery.
Here then they were reused axles and rubber tires also retrieved from the planes, because with the advent of the tractor and the consequent increase in the speed of the towing vehicle, they could no longer use the wheels of wood and iron that opposed much resistance.
The ‘50s were produced even manure spreaders, of which the first with rear spreading system and after equipped with a system that allowed the spreading from the front and side. This variant was patented and became a bit ‘as if it were the signature of the company.
The business was consolidated and Antonio with his son Gianni followed mainly the production leaving Pietro the dealership.
Born the first exhibitions at agricultural fairs, starting with the one organized in the town, up to those of larger turnout, held at Lonato and Calvisano. Thanks also to Bartolomeo (Uncle teacher) who was a primary school teacher and was the artistic soul of the family, who has decorated and refined machines who participate in fairs and gave the opportunity to many of his pupils to learn the trade in workshop.
Rino, who was born in 1954, after graduating from mechanical school joined the company in 1975 followed by his brother Rodolfo (born in 1960) and it is in those years, from the shed in the country, moved to its present location which was then 10.000 m² , while today it employs more than 30.000 m².
The Bossini company of Carpenedolo was always in search of innovation in agricultural work, starting on process of evolution of the wooden trailers that has become, in turn, slurry spreaders, manure spreaders and then finally also tipping trailers, the so-called “dumpers”.
Long journeys are made in small steps, one after another, pointing straight to the success. 
The Bossini company has followed the evolution of the farms of its customers, no one has run more than the other. Almost as if the earth, from which they draw their origins and their strength, has always been to balance between tradition and progress.

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