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Bossini Srl has always worked in view of total quality, full customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
In 2007 Bossini Srl obtained the certification of compliance of its quality system to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and 2018 was found to comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.
The entire production process, from the design of a new product to its delivery, is organized in compliance with the standard and evolving to provide more detailed control standards using materials and technologies.
Today 100% of the products Bossini Srl is tested, checks and tests to ensure our customers the compliance with the required specifications.
The General Management of BOSSINI Srl aims to produce high quality agricultural trailers that can stand out from the competition thanks to the attention and care that the company transmits to its employees and customers.
It is therefore considered necessary to have a strong responsibility on the part of all company areas to guarantee the quality of their work (procurement area, technical area, commercial area, production area, administrative and accounting area).
In particular, this must be pursued with:
· Priority research of components that guarantee high performance, safety and reliability;
· Efficiency of processes and related products;
· Prevention of defects, rather than subsequent correction;
· Improvement of the quality level of suppliers of raw materials and outsourced production;
· Technical assistance available to its customers in the event of product problems;
· Compliance with current laws and regulations.
For all this, the Management undertakes to take an active role in promoting and guiding all activities that influence quality, understood as Customer Satisfaction, by disseminating the concepts presented here at all levels and verifying the results obtained.
The starting point for the realization of these policies was identified in the pursuit of the following objectives:
· Consider requirements and expectations of all significant stakeholders for BOSSINI Srl;
· Implement an efficient context analysis and business risk assessment system in order to define the continuous improvement plan;
· Guarantee the growth of turnover through the optimization of processes;
· Expansion into new market areas especially in foreign markets;
· Ensure full customer satisfaction through the commercial area and reduce complaints and warranty interventions;
· Constantly improve the management of the order, keeping all the primary processes under control (design, construction and assembly), respecting delivery times and reducing internal non-conformities;
· Improve suppliers by reducing the number of of non-compliance from suppliers;
· Improve the design activities respecting the planned timing;
· Guarantee the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of our products by giving impetus to the activities of the Technical Office.
It is therefore necessary to ensure the quality of what we design and implement, through continuous improvement and prevention activities, to aspire to and achieve a product and service quality objective.
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