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 4 axles:
   B4 400       
   B4 350 

 3 axles:
   B3 300       
   B3 280
   B3 260       
   B3 200

 2 Axles:
   B2 200       
   B2 180
   B2 140       

 1 Axle:
   B1 80         
   B1 60
   B1 50         

  on crops     


Filler System,
Suction and Mixing
Load Arm Ø 270 mm
Injectors, Dribble Bars
and Hydraulic Linkage
Injector 6 exits
on Hydraulic Linkage
Grassland Bars
for Slurry Distribution
Dribble Bars
and Distribution
Double Upper Suction
Rubber Cone
Injector 4 Exits
on Hydraulic Linkage
Discs Injector
on Hydraulic Linkage
Dribble Bar for
Slurry Distribution
Spreader plates for
Slurry Distribution
Touch Screen
Control System
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